Flow patrolling

Posted Tuesday 14 June 2016

Video Flow patrolling Ver mas

Smuggling bikes and scouting trails.

Posted Tuesday 03 May 2016

A few weeks ago, Sam from the Bikelogistics/Transition Bikes team told me to save up a few days at the end of January since they had a surprise for all of the team and wanted me to tag along too - he was quite secretive about this and no further expl Ver mas

Iztaccíhuatl: The Woman in White

Posted Monday 02 May 2016

The name Iztaccíhuatl comes from the Aztec's native tongue, the Nahuatl, and it means Woman in White, due to its snow covered silhouette that resembles a sleeping woman. This inactive volcano is located between the state of Puebla and Mexico city, ab Ver mas

Yuviaga Coffee Trails

Posted Monday 02 May 2016

Waking up every morning to the smell of coffee, surrounded by lush vegetation, animals, birds and millions of singing insects all playing the daily soundtrack. Knowing that new and uncharted trails lay just at your doorstep, is what keeps spirits hig Ver mas