TBC - Derailleur Hanger Retention Bolt V2 (TRB-ANT)

$ 252.00

The unsung hero of any ride, buy a spare, put it in your riding pack and forget about it. Then when you have that big crash or someone knocks your bike over outside the pub you will be prepared.

One of the few parts of your bike that is specific to your bike but not always readily available. Plus being designed to bend to protect your frame and rear derailleur. It’s always worth having a spare especially if you are off on an MTB holiday or big ride. If you are looking to replace a damaged hanger our advice is to buy two so you are ready next time you bend your hanger. This Giddy up retention bolt works with the mech hanger, holding it in place.
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Compatible with All Patrol, Suppressor, Sentinel, Smuggler, Scout, TR11, Throttle and Vanquish plus the later TransAm frames