Bore Cap tool- Mono M4 Large/X2/E4/V4 (sml&lg)

$ 303.24

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HOPE tool for dismantling / assembling the piston cover

The tool is required for dismantling / assembling the piston cover on the brake caliper of your HOPE brake system. This is the only way to perform a major service on the brake system without destroying the toothing of the piston cover. This tool is also necessary if you want to equip your brake system with colored piston caps.

Compatibility List:

HTTCTC - RX4 + Large / RX4 SH Large / Mono M4 Large HOPE X2 / E4 / V4 / M4 Large
HTTCTB - RX4 + Small / RX4 SR Large / RX4 SH small / Mono M4 Small HOPE Mono 6 Large / Mono M4 Small
HTTCTA - RX4 SR Small / Mono 6 TI Small HOPE Mono 6 TI Small
HTTCTE - Mono V2 / Trial HOPE Moto V2 / Mini Trial
HTTCTD - Mono Mini HOPE Mono Mini / Tech V2

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum
Compatibility: see list

Weight according to the manufacturer: 52g
Weight weighed: n / a

Scope of delivery: 1x HOPE tool for brake piston cover