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MAXXIS Tire Minion DHR II 29 x 2.40 WT Dual TR EXO Skinwall

With a completely new profile design, the Minion DHR II is the ideal tire for aggressive gravity driving. With the side lugs of the legendary DHF, which have been slightly widened for even better cornering support, it has extreme cornering support. The center lugs have beveled lugs for better acceleration. Notches on the lugs improve the transition when turning into corners. Part of the center knobs have a paddle shape, they dig in under hard braking and help keep the bike under control.

Wide Trail Casing (WT)
This special carcass construction optimizes the tread layout and tire shape on today's wider rims. Traditional tires are developed for narrow rims and get a too square shape on wide rims and thus a less than optimal performance. WT tires are optimized for an internal rim width of 35 mm, but work excellently on all rims with an internal dimension between 30 and 40 mm.

Tubeless Ready (TR)
tube tires have many advantages: You can drive with less air pressure. This gives better traction and reduces rolling resistance. And where there is no tube , the risk of punctures is also reduced. MAXXIS TR tires are better prepared for mounting with sealant than other "tubeless ready" tires. The bead of our TR tires is completely covered with a rubber layer like a real UST tubeless tube . As a result, tube installation is successful for all rims with standard dimensions the first time you pump it up and with little liquid.
"Normal" MAXXIS MTB tires can also be mounted tubeless with sealant like tires from other manufacturers, as the carcass fabric is very dense.
However, only the new MAXXIS TR models are officially approved for tubeless assembly and guaranteed by MAXXIS. The tubeless assembly of other models is at your own risk.

Note: We strongly advise against the use of sealant containing ammonia. Ammonia has been shown to attack the carcass and, depending on the amount used, can weaken it by up to 30% after just a few months.

EXO sidewall protection
This extremely cut and abrasion resistant material protects the sidewall of various MTB tires. It is very tightly woven, light and very flexible. As a result, the performance of the tires remains convincingly good.

dual compound
Two different rubber compounds are processed into a tread strip. The arrangement of the compounds is planned according to the desired properties of the tires.

Technical specifications:

Tire type: folding tires (clincher)
intended use : MTB
Size (inches): 29 x 2.40
Size (ETRTO): 61-622
Design: Wide Trail Casing (WT), EXO, Tubeless Ready (TR), Skinwall
Rubber compound: DualCompound
Carcass: 60 TPI
tubeless capable: yes
E-bike compatibility: yes, up to 25 km/h
Profile: optimized for the front wheel
recommended air pressure: 2.5 to 3.4 bar (35-50 PSI)
Recommended inner rim width: 30-40 mm width possible
Maximum load (per tire): not specified
Color: black, beige

Weight according to the manufacturer: 965g
Weight weighed: 951g

Scope of delivery: 1x MAXXIS tire Minion DHR II 29 x 2.40 WT Dual TR EXO Skinwall

Note: The weights of the tires may vary due to production!

EAN: 4717784038520

MPN: 1724