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HOPE brake pads standard organic for Tech 4 E4 | Tech 3 E4 | Stealth Race E4 | Mono M4 | Tech M4 | RX4+ | RX4 Shimano

Original organic brake pads for your Hope brakes.

The organic brake pads are made from around 20 different carbon compounds (therefore also organic) and a temperature-resistant resin. In contrast to sintered metal pads, organic pads are significantly softer and generate less heat. This means that the organic pads are ideal for small discs and light drivers. Another advantage is that organic pads squeak less when wet.

You should therefore choose the organic pads if you do not need maximum, long-lasting braking performance and prefer to drive small discs. If none of this applies, then we recommend switching to sintered metal pads.

Technical specifications:

Material topping: organic
Material carrier plate: steel
Compatibility brake: Hope Tech Evo M4 | Tech M4 | Mono M4 | Tech 3 E4 | Tech 4 E4 | Race E4 | RX4+ (Shimano and SRAM versions) | RX4 (Shimano version only)
Color carrier plate: red

Weight according to the manufacturer: kA
Weight weighed: 26.6g (2x pads including accessories)