Solo 1

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post Oversized Pin Kit

$ 487.20

Set of six oversized pins.

All dropper posts require key way clearance. With so many different framesclamps and ride heights it's not possible to ship play-free without running the risk of binding. The kit is meant to remove additional play that might develop over time or, for the more mechanically inclined, to tune the play out for a specific bike.

Start with the 3 pins marked with 2 lines. If play still exists move to the 3 pins marked with 4 lines.

Follow the instructions below referencing this exploded view 

- With the post still installed on bike complete the following steps
- Remove the saddle and clamps
- Wipe away any dirt or debris
- Lower the post to mid travel
- Unthread mid cap assembly (8)
- Remove Cartridge lockring (6) with needle nose pliers
- Upper tube (7) will now slide out
- Replace guide pins (10) with oversized guide pins (19) or (20) and regrease
- Reassemble in reverse order