Solo 1

Absolute Black Oval Guide - Premium Chain Guide - ISCG05

$ 1,740.00
 chain guide secures the chain in each crank position and is compatible thanks to numerous adjustment possibilities with each drive setup.

Once ellbare chain line
The OVAL GUIDE can be driven with any chain line 48-53 mm. So he fits just for 1X drives with 49 mm chain line as for Boost drives with 52 mm and
 more. The chain line can be adjusted in steps of 0.5 mm with 4 spacers supplied.

Tool-free front flip technology
The front portion of the chain guide can be rotated without tools. The chain can be achieved without any tools to do minor repairs can. The
 OVAL GUIDE does not need to be removed to fix faulty after an accident or a broken chain.

Adjustable size
The chain guide is made for various chainring sizes. For oval chainrings 26-34 teeth and round from 28 to 36 teeth. Small markings on the side indicate
 the ideal position of the chainring guide for your chainring size.

Technical specifications:

Material backplate: Aluminium 7075
Material Slider: fiberglass and PA66 polymer composite
Material Screws: Titanium (Torx25)
Mounting Standard: ISCG05, ISCG05-BSA, S3 / E-TYpe or High Direct Mount
Compatibility: 1 chainrings
Chainring size Oval: 26 - 34 teeth
Chainring size approximately: 28 - 36 teeth
Color: Black

Weight: 17g