$ 28,200.00

Product Description

The e-Storia features much of the same technology of the Storia V3 but in a more robust package built specifically for the stresses involved with the higher vehicle weight of E -bikes and tailored to provide ultimate control for all riders from the enthusiast to those at the elite level of E-bike enduro riding.

While the Storia V3 is built for best-in-class weight and performance the e-Storia is designed with an emphasis on toughness to drastically improve reliability over dampers without dedicated E-bike construction.

The stronger shock design can help increase the lifespan of bike chassis components as well, and increase range of tune-ability accomodating a wider range of bike and rider types.

An industry “first” an ultra-high performance suspension specifically designed for aggressive E-bike riding and super comfort level for professional riders and all enthusiasts.

–          Integrated reservoir head design
–          Stronger body construction
–          Reservoir with large volume bladder design
–          Dedicated spring platform for stiffer springs
–          Negative spring to avoid harsh top-out and improve bike platform stability
–          New rebound adjustment to increase tuning range
–          Chromemoly shaft with low-friction coating
–          New compression valve for more adjustability and smoother riding
–          4 way adjustable (LSC-HSC-LSR-Lok proprietary system)
–          No cavitation
–          Very low hysteresis to improve dynamic response
–          Completely indipendent bump/rebound adjustment
–          New check valve with low inertia for a better control and sensitivity
–          New externally adjustable HBC
–          More efficient HBC design to increase bottom out protection
–          New seals design to reduce friction
–          New main piston design with high flow to improve sensitivity and tunability
–          All valves with turbulent flow for very low temperature depending
–          New high viscosity index oil for longer consistend riding in all situations
–          Standard or Trunnion mount

185 / 50 mm
185 / 52.5 mm
185 / 55 mm
205 / 57.5 mm
205 / 60 mm
205 / 62.5 mm
205 / 65 mm
225 / 67.5 mm
225 / 70 mm
225 / 72.5 mm
225 / 75 mm