TBC - Universal Derailleur Hanger (SRAM UDH)

$ 390.00

SRAM Derailleur Hanger UDH | Universal Derailleur Hanger

With the SRAM UDH derailleur, Chicago-based circuit specialists are bringing a solution to frame manufacturers around the world.

Would not it be nice if your bike shop always has the right derailleur hanger for you?

In order to enjoy the best performance when switching, it is necessary that your rear derailleur sits precisely at a position specified by the manufacturer on the rear triangle. In order to reduce the error source of the derailleur hanger and to ensure always the same position of the switching signal, SRAM provides with the UDH a license-free standard which will be accessible to every manufacturer in the future. With the Fuel EX by TREK z. B. has already used one of the major manufacturers of the new standard.
To protect your expensive Schaltwek and the frame from damage, the derailleur hitch twists backwards for larger impacts. On the inside next to the smallest pinion is a small guide which should reliably prevent the chain from jumping off towards the frame.

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum
Compatibility: UDH Compatible Frames, open standard
Color: Black

Weight according to manufacturer:
Weight weighed: 26g

Scope of delivery: 1x SRAM Derailleur Hanger UDH | Universal Derailleur Hanger

EAN: 710845840135
MPN: 00.7918.093.000

Manuals / Downloads

UDH Manual


Compatible con bicicletas Transition 2021 en adelante y otras marcas más!